Portsmouth Cardiac Associates
Please call us on 023 9236 5010 to discuss your requirements or email info@portsmouthcardiac.co.uk
Our Services
Portsmouth Cardiac Associates Limited offer a wide range of cardiac services including:

- Private consultations
- Exercise treadmills
- Ambulatory Heart Monitors
- Ambulatory BP Monitors
- Cardiac MOT
- Company Insurance Medicals
- Pacemaker Implants
- Angioplasty
- Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic
- Cardiac Rehabilitation

Is YOUR Heart due for an MOT?

Portsmouth Cardiac Associates offer a high level of expertise and knowledge to provide a comprehensive heart monitoring service, covering all aspects of heart disease. Using pacing and complex cardiovascular pharmacology, our fields of specialisation are:

- Specialists in heart scanning/Echo
- Every kind of heart and cardiovascular disease
- Patients with angina
- The management of patients with heart failure

We offer a complete Heart Health Check Service

Our collective team of experts enables PCA to offer patients a complete
heart health check MOT which is particularly important if you have a
strong family history of heart disease/angina or are thinking about
participating in a race/strenuous exercise program.

Portsmouth Cardiac Associates offers 2 cardiac MOT packages which are
designed to look at the standard risk factors of heart disease.
A consultation with a Consultant Cardiologist, as well as an exercise
stress test designed to check the heart's efficiency are included in the packages.

Portsmouth Cardiac Associates Ltd – List of charges (Cardiac MOT)

A cardiac MOT with Portsmouth Cardiac Associates can be arranged
on 023 9236 5010.

For further information on how to reduce your risk of heart disease why
not look at the British Heart Foundation website at www.bhf.org.uk.

Our consultants are supported by a team of chief cardiac technicians,
who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in support of these
diagnostics. Health Screenings can be booked by contacting Portsmouth
Cardiac Associates which will enable people of all ages to ascertain their
basic fitness levels and generally monitor their health.