Portsmouth Cardiac Associates
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Quality statement

Portsmouth Cardiac Associates launched May 2003, combine the
very latest equipment and technologies with a dedicated team of highly-
qualified Cardiologists and staff to provide a consultant led service.
We pride ourselves on strength-in-numbers with a diverse skill mix for
echoing, non-invasive investigations and angioplasty. This gives the
patient a highly competitive clinical consultation and subsequent
investigative procedures.

Our total dedication to providing the highest standard of investigative
care, underpins our quality objectives, strategies and operational
management controls.

We do not leave quality to an individual; it is a PCA wide responsibility
which seeks not only to provide an exceptional caring service, but to
continuously strive to improve.

Our primary markets are General Practitioners and Primary Care Trusts
with contracts including NHS Catheter contract – 2006 and NHS
follow-up clinic (4,000 patients) 2008. To date, operating in Portsmouth,
East & West Hampshire, Guildford, Haslemere, Petersfield and the
surrounding districts.

To illustrate PCA diversity, our range of professional specialities include:-

Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Pacemaker Therapy, Abnormal Heart
Rhythms including: Palpitations, Blackouts, and Irregular Heartbeats,
Echocardiography and Internal Heart Scanning (transoesophageal
echo - TOE), Heart Valve Disease, Hypertension, Interventional
Cardiology; evaluating the treatment of anaemia in patients with
heart failure, venous thromboembolic disease.

PCA do not assume that a quality management operating system is
automatically synonymous with a highly qualified team of cardiologists;
we ensure both are maintained, at the highest possible level.

Please feel free to contact us with any other services or
queries that we may be able to assist you with